How to Prepare for an Appointment with Look'N Good Cleaning Service


Don't do this...

Preparing for your appointment with Look'N Good Cleaning Service is very simple. Read the list below to help make your appointment as efficient as possible.

  1. Parking - We need to be able to park immediately adjacent to your home. In some areas this is very easy with abundant street parking. If you live in an area with limited parking we ask that you leave us space to park in the driveway, if you have one. Once we are able to walk through the job we will ask you to relocate vehicles if necessary for us to access the home.
  2. Interior Access - Once inside the home we will need walkways clear to a width of at least two feet. We ask to have access to a sink for fresh water and bathroom to dispose of recovered water or unused product, if neccesary.
  3. Furniture - We attempt to move as much furniture as is practical. Larger pieces such as pianos, entertainment centers, china cabinets, etc. are not practical nor safe for us to move. If any piece of furniture is damaged or particularly fragile, please let us know so that we do not attempt to move it. If you choose to move furniture prior to our arrival please move it completely away from any areas being cleaned.
  4. Occupants - The occupants of the home do not need to leave the home during cleaning. For practicality and efficiency, we do ask that children and pets are kept out of any areas being cleaned. If children are in the home someone over the age of eighteen must be present.
  5. Additional Service Options - The best time to have additional services performed is when we are already at your home. You will save time, since you already planned to be available for the appointment. You will save money, since we are already at your home we don't have to worry about covering overhead costs such as travel time to your home since we are already at your home.